Research Lines


Public Administration, Economy and Public Policies.

Administration, Organizational Behavior, Operations Administration, Management Control.

Economics of natural resources, behavioral and experimental economics.

Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Microfinance and Financial Economics.

Innovation, Marketing and Strategy.

Macroeconomics: Macroeconometrics, Economic Growth, International Economy

Microeconomics: Microeconometrics; Labor Economics; Economics of Human Development and Well-being.

Educational research.

Theory, planning, communication, pedagogy and innovation in education and teaching-learning of foreign languages.

Interdisciplinarity, inclusion, equity and diversity in education and teaching-learning of foreign languages.

Behavioral, linguistic, sociolinguistic, and cultural perspectives on the nature and learning of foreign languages.

Policy, Quality, Evaluation, Ethics, Management and Educational Leadership.

Public policies, governance and tourism planning.

Information and communication technologies in tourism.

Innovation and value creation in tourism.

Turistic marketing.

Diverse and alternative tourism economies.

Business management in tourism.

Sustainable development in tourism.

Coastal and marine tourism.

Mobility, hospitality and leisure.

Inequalities and justice in tourism.

Archeology as a social science.

Archeology of neotropical societies.

Interactions and problems in Archeology in America.

Interdisciplinary and historical sociocultural anthropological research in America.

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