The administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) is exercised, in their hierarchical order, by the following organizations and authorities:

Dean of the FCSH: María Elena Romero Montoya, M. Sc.
Sub-Dean of the FCSH: Patricia Valdiviezo Valenzuela, M. Sc.

José Gabriel Castillo, Ph. D. - Principal 1 
Loretta Moreira Cuadros, M. Sc. - Principal 2 
Gabriela Vilela Govea, M. Sc. - Principal 3 

Génesis Junira León Cazar, Srta. - Principal 1 


María Elena Romero Montoya, M. Sc.

Dear citizens of the world, welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at ESPOL Polytechnic University where the human being is studied and its role in the society. Based on that premise we offer 5 graduate degrees and 8 masters programs, to enhance the quality of life of our environment.

We prepare change agents who contribute to society through the degrees of Economics, Business Administration, Audit and Process Management, Tourism and Archaelogy. With this degress students will be able to use the scarce resources in an efficient way, to face new challenges, to continuosly enhance processes, to develop public policies for a proper planning and to learn about ancient societies that have shape our current days. This learning is delivered with the latest methodologies to solve problems based on knowledge that allow our students to be part of a promising future.

Our Faculty members hold masters and doctoral degrees from the best universities around the world. Also their academic and professional experience will enrich the teaching-learning process. With them the students will be part of the fascinating and life changing world of education.

The internships that are managed with great companies in the country, bring the best of our students through the contact with enterprises and areas in the country that need from you to promote equity.

We are looking for students with passion for the creation of new knowledge through research. Why is the scientific research important?  Because only with it great problems can be solved.

The educations is complemented with spaces where friendship can be grown and where the students can develop interest for history, literature, sports, new languages and to become comprenhensive human beings, with critical thinking and ethic able to give solutions with the only knowledge as a banner. Espol is locared in an protected area which provides the best scenario to respect and love nature and living things

The journey with Espol, without a doubt, brings a lot of hard work, but we are sure that everything that worth must be that way, that is what will make our proffesionals trascend.

María Elena Romero
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Patricia Valdiviezo Valenzuela, M. Sc.

Dear ESPOL community, applicants, parents, citizens:

Being part of ESPOL means pride. And that pride is born from the reputation of the university which is present in the day to day tasks of our faculty members and the academic processes they accomplish. The teachers are the most visible face of our university, the ones that deliver knowledge and develop the critical thinking among the students. Besides their masters and doctoral degrees earned in the best universities around the world, they constantly prepare to give the best during the teaching-learning process to our students, because a good teacher never stops learning.

The educatioanl model of Espol is student centered, seeking the student personal transformation, appliying the latest methodologies that allow them to develop in the labor market of the future. Then we train citizens able to preceive, understand and make decisions in different scenarios, contributing to the enhance of the quality of life of society.

At the end of the road we want our students can create value, offering creative solutions, based on the current circumstances of the country to transform our reality into well being.

I invite you to be part of this wonderful community, because once you are a politechnic, forever politechnic.



Business Administration
Bachelor in Tourism
Accounting Audit
Bachelor in Archaelogy

Gabriela Vilela, M. Sc.
Olga Martín, MMGC.
María Fernanda Salas, MBA.
Gonzalo Vaca, M. Sc.
Mariela Pérez Moncayo, M. Sc.

Community Service in Economics and Auditing
Community Service in Business Administration
Community Service in Tourism and Archaeology

Ivonne Martin, MBA.
Gonzalo Vaca, M. Sc.
Loretta Moreira, MATEFL
Loretta Moreira, MATEFL

Organization Chart